Tongo the Game

Disclaimer: This product is an inspired creation not officially adopted by the Star Trek Franchise. This was made by a fan, for other fans, who have wondered how this game might be played.

Fans of the Ferengi game Tongo introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space 9 will relate to the rules of this game as they were inspired from that very source. Although the shows creators did not originally create rules for the game due to inconsistencies ranging from betting amounts, different boards, card layouts and cards which could only be understood by a Ferengi of that period, this game utilizes the games terms in a manner which can make sense of much of the dialogue used in the various episodes of the show. Although not all of the inconsistencies could be rationalized, understanding the rules of this game will give fans a sense of understanding pertaining to how the game is played throughout the various episodes and an insight into the strategies the players may have been using.

Familiar elements include the games terminology, the spinning board, and the importance of dice in combination with the cards in hand and on the floor and other similar strategies mentioned by various characters of the show.

This game is a combination of poker, mahjong, roulette, money management and memory which requires players to pay close attention to their opponent’s actions while planning a strategy to build up their hand without drawing too much attention to their own personal strategies. The rules are quite simple to learn but the game will take some time to master. Don’t reveal your hand too soon because everybody will do what they can to make your best cards unplayable.

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